Posted: July 4, 2009 by batster in day to day, life in karachi, Noticeboard, photography
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Going to the beach on Sunday, we saw these signs up and I needed to get a picture – At firs we only saw- Go America Go, almost like a cheer!

But then, we saw the rest and said…what the hell??

What is the deal with all these protests?

  1. Alta says:

    Amreeeca is evil thats what!! Hence they want it to go and we is hates Amreeecas


    All this is pretty stupid and i wish the Mullahs would spend the money they spend making these banners on feeding some homeless person.But look the Mullahs too need to pass time after Friday prayers and what better way then to have some sort of a protest and march followed with biryani.

  2. Faisal.K says:

    the deal?? the deal is that we are morons.. we keep blaming someone else for our own faults..

  3. Alta says:

    Cause Amreeca is evil,the anti Christ!!

    Plus hey what are the mullahs supposed to do after Friday prayers? So they gather around bash amreeeca and co,later have biryani and go home to their 3 wives and 11 kids.

    This is demo crazy,you are a woman you wont get it 😛

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