Karachi, meet winter; Winter, meet Karachi

Posted: November 19, 2009 by Khaver in beach, life in karachi
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When I woke up a couple of days ago, there was a certain air about Karachi.

I couldn’t put my finger on it, but Karachi was smiling–and she wouldn’t tell why. In the time that followed, the mornings would be draped with a thin layer of fog, the evenings would be shrouded in chill. Karachi was smiling, because winter was here.

Though we don’t get the snow most northern regions get, winters in Karachi has a life of its own. The weather isn’t that cold, but its cold enough that we still enjoy our ice creams, walks in the evening, and eating outdoors. Nobody asks for the AC remote, or reaches for the fan switch, save but a few hardened individuals who still love their fans and ACs even as the mercury drops. We are entertained by the ever cheesy Bonanza ads for sweaters on TV, and bonfires at the beach take special precedence in our weekend plans. There is nothing like an experience of friends gathered around the bonfire, each in their own refuge of thoughts, watching the fire flicker away–and sometimes, hardly a word is spoken between.

Winters in Karachi also brings with it many unwanted guests. Dryness on our skin increases in some as we reach for the chapsticks even more so. The dew in the morning permeates over our cars quickly becoming the bane of our drivers/cleaners. There is increasing susceptibility to flu and other diseases.

But cons aside, winter in Karachi has its special place. People still flock to the ocean, amid high winds and even higher gatherings. We admire ourselves in our brightly colored sweaters, pointing and laughing at scooter drivers wearing funny hats, and nuzzle within our own blankets as we ever so desperately try to break its embrace in the morning–and fail miserably.

  1. veeru says:

    That was a cool nice piece of Expression. Loved the bonfires and friends.

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  3. nsahmed says:

    wow. it’s getting chilly in karachi already?! last year it was december before anything approaching a sweater was required…

  4. batty says:

    haiii… *shivverr*
    i’m feeling cold already!!

    But what a wonderful piece of writing.
    I can almost see it..

  5. Omer says:

    Let’s not forget the smell of roasted peanuts, still warm in your hands, as you take them out from the telephone-directory-paper-bag, crack open the shells and eat the contents. Or the silence that engulfs your house because all the fans/ACs are off; every little sound is enormous. The fuzzy feeling you get when you get inside your ‘lihaafs’ or ‘kumbals’ on your cold beds in the wintery nights. And the laziness that kicks in first thing when you open your eyes early in the morning; all you want to do is to stay inside your now warm beds forever. The excitement that you feel when you are able to blow ‘dhoowa’ out of your mouth; when you are served ‘Kashmiri chai’ at weddings; when you eat piping hot ‘parathas’ at the ‘dhaaba’ outside your school; and the shivers that run up your spine when someone touches your neck with their bare hands.

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  7. Zoya says:

    so true. especially the ‘bonanza’ part. you portray the exact feeling of winter in Karachi.

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