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There was a time in the 1930-1960 era of this city when there were no transport issues. The city had a central artery road or the now M.A Jinnah road called Drig road at that time. On this road used to ply the trams of Karachi, ensuring that the populace had easy access to the city center from different localities close to the tram line.

Then came the modern era of this city and with the explosion of immigrants and the local populace the trams soon became a hurdle rather than a convenience. So the city administration opted for first public transport in the form of a circular railway and then later on when things really mushroomed private transport and the now existent transport minibus mafia took over.

A recent example of the dubious nature of these mini bus cartels was when they allegedly indulged in the burning of 3-4 CDGK CNG buses and bus stops were attacked as well.

Today has brought great news though as The ECNC has finally decided to revive the Karachi circular railway at the cost of Rs 128.5 billion. Although this is easier said then done but at least the first step or the planning stage has been initiated to provide cost effective transport for this cities residents.

Any megalopolis the size of Karachi would have a huge subway system or at least a LFT over head rail system, we must provide for such facilities if we are to see Karachi go to the next stage. Although the last few decades have brought neglect to this city and its infrastructure, work has been done on it in the recent years under CDGK and the results are before us all.

I personally would love to use a service like the circular railway rather than drive my car at snails pace to get to the downtown area everyday where it takes about 50 mins to cross a distance of 7-8 kms.

So here is me hoping for a train ride to work soon 😀


A.D.P is having a gig! Woo hoo! It’s been a long time since funkytown came around, and The Aunty Disco Project are coming to rock Rangoon Wala Auditorium this Sundayy! Time to get dowwwwn and Bo0ogy! 🙂 Oba has made some super awesome promo’s that are positively hilarious, and I personally think the marketing for the gig is brilliant! The official website is given below:

Get Your Aunty On! Sunday 16th August 2009

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You’ve GOT to check these out! 🙂 Enjoy, and see you at the gig!

The Promos on Facebook:

The joint action committee and civil society have organized a protest rally at the press club on Thursday 6th Aug at 4pm, to support the victims in the gojra incident.

Demonstrations of this nature have been taking place all over the country to protest the atrocity against the christian community of gojra. Where 9 people died due to mob violence in anti christian riots.

Please be aware that the Sipah Sahaba Pakistan has issued threats against people protesting this incident and supporting Christians, therefore we have no knowledge of the security conditions at this protest.


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Yayyy, the prediction says Karachi will have a thunderstorm this weekend! Yippeee.

GEt your chai and pakoras ready people. Now is the true acid test – to see if the drains in Karachi work or not! 😛

With the increased interest in theater going activity in Pakistan’s most urban and developed city, and the huge response to the cineplex @ sea view the CDGK has now entered in agreement with Cineplex to establish multiplex theater complexes at both Kashmir Road and Safari Park.

This will be a public private partnership and the CDGK will provide the cineplex company with CDGK land at Kashmir road sports complex and safari park to build these theaters. In return the Cineplex group will invest USD 10 million in this venture for the construction of these theaters.

This is great news for all of us as now we wont have to go to the other end of the city to experience premium movie watching. This will also perhaps lead to the promotion of more quality entertainment services for the city so that the youth can have a good time in a good environment without the need of the now requisite drugs and booze.

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Attention all Karachi women,

Gul Ahmeds got a 70% off grand sale today at IDEAS.

Note – this is not an advertisment, its a warning.

Do not go in there expecting to see everything their catalogue advertises. It’s a big fat hoax. I had to go four times to look for this one handbag, but very intelligently, they had decided not to stock more than 3/4th of the catalogue. Several friends and relatives complained of exactly the same thing. Infact friends came down from abroad with only a few days to spare, checked out the catalogue, got excited and went to shop – only to be turned away.

The usual excuse is that the company hasn’t sent the items, which makes no sense because they have huge factories. And it comes under false advertising if you put something in a catalogue and don”t stock it. Its tricking customers into visiting over and over, and is most distasteful.

So be warned, and happy shopping.


Attention all Karachiites,

Blue bottles have taken over the coast line . They are washing up on the shore in scores with every wave, and the translucent bubbles aren’t always easy to spot.

I speak from experience – we were at the beach this Sunday and my friend got stung. Unfortunately we weren’t aware of it cuz all of Karachi’s population was sitting in the surf having a good time, frolicking, laughing, jumping about like there was no tomorrow.

The funny thing is – my friend didn’t step on it – it just happened because the wave washed it up against my friends foot… and now he was in some serious pain, and we didn’t know what to do. Thus I have decided to write a short guide on what to do when stung by a blue bottle!

  • Step one:  Stay away from the water. Do NOT dip the foot in water. Rub stung body part with sand right away.
  • Step two:  Sit patient onto chair and do NOT let them move. Walking about will cause venom to travel up leg via circulation.
  • Step three: Take stung bodypart and carefully wash with warm water, ensuring no tentacles are still stuck on.
  • Step four: Grab some ice and gently press onto the stung area. Hand the patient a bottle of water and get them to start drinking, so that if there is anyabsorption of the venom, it shall get flushed out
  • Step five: Speaking of flushing out, interestingly, peeing on the affected area is supposed to instantly make it better- try at your own risk.
  • Step six: Warning: Patient will squirm – glare at them to get cooperation. If desired cooperation is not given, hitting patient over the head with a bat is permissible.
  • Step seven: Send for some onions, smush them and rub them on affected area. Lemons are said to work as well, but I feel that would burn a lot. So go with onions, rub vigorously on wound.
  • Step eight: Give the patient some painkillers. Try panadol, disprin or Tylenol, whatever is easily available. Also try and get some anti-allergic cream. The pain killers are important, don’t skimp on those.
  • Step nine: Watch for signs that may require you to rush to the hospital, such as the upward travelling of pain, a fever, or pain that ranks more than six on a scale of 10.
  • Disclaimer: Blue bottle stings are not particularly venemous – the pain dissipates in the span of one to two hours. The thigh get particularly painful and the muscles clamp around the venom to keep it from travelling. Do NOT worry. It will get better and light activity can be resumed.

PTCL Landline numbers are now being converted from 7 digits to 8 digits in Karachi and Lahore from Today July 1, 2009.

Add 3 before dailing any PTCL number of Karachi and Lahore.
(eg. if a number is 5259000 new number will be 35259000)

The City codes remains the same. For more information call 1236.

On further inquiring, it has been found that:
All numbers beginning with 90 & 92, you need to add 9 i.e. 990 or 992.

All UAN numbers will remain the same

Admin announcements

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On 9th may 2009 this blog got more than 100 readers in a day, as someone who has established and runs another now “hit” blog i must point out that this is a key milestone 🙂

Obviously it would not be possible without the time all of you have taken to write here and make this space thrive.

Hats off to all the authors and keep on spreading the good word about this blog. Slowly and steadily we will grow.

The ever popular restaurant Deja Vu has been sold to new owners, revamped and has come back bigger than ever with the name Le Grande. I couldn’t resist taking this shot.