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The shanaakth festival will soon be delighting the hearts and minds of all us karachi wallas from Nov 9th to Nov 11th 2009. 3 days of exhibitions, plays, oral history projects, booths by orgs like T2F and photography from legends such as Amean Jan. Be there or be square people!!!

Full schedule is available here


A.D.P is having a gig! Woo hoo! It’s been a long time since funkytown came around, and The Aunty Disco Project are coming to rock Rangoon Wala Auditorium this Sundayy! Time to get dowwwwn and Bo0ogy! 🙂 Oba has made some super awesome promo’s that are positively hilarious, and I personally think the marketing for the gig is brilliant! The official website is given below:

Get Your Aunty On! Sunday 16th August 2009

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You’ve GOT to check these out! 🙂 Enjoy, and see you at the gig!

The Promos on Facebook:


Every where you look these days, the SWAT issue is floating about us. In the form of sms’s, facebook statuses, blog posts, twitters and tweets and retweets and hashbacks and all that sort of thing. The average message reads like this :

We are campaigning for sawat people. You can drop stuff or money at the camps on PAF base or delton or at my home we are packaging the goods at home putting camp on sat and sun

Items to be sponsored

Donation # 1 ( Shelter ):

1) Tent

please donate money of Rs. 10,000 ie. per tent cost accommodating family of 10 to 12 members

2) Sheets 2 piece
3) spread ( to be placed of the tent floor

Donation # 2 ( Food ):

1) Atta ( 5 kilo Packet)
2) Rice ( 5 kilo Packet)
3) Dal ( 5 kilo Packet)
4) Ghee ( 5 kilo Packet )
5) Nido powder milk ( 1 kilo packet )

please make a box of these item and donate marking Food donation

Donation # 3 ( House hold items):

1) Plastic Fan ( table fan size)
2) Plastic tub
3) Plastic bucket
4) Plastic mug
5) Plastic lota

Please make a box and mark it house hold item

Donation # 4 ( Medicine)

please make a donation of Rs. 5000 for the necessary medicine items

One on hand, people complain that karachiites aren’t doing anything – on the other hand , I am flooded by messages from NGOs and private small group initiatives collecting donations to help the people who’ve vacated their homes!! Mission Rescue Pakistan is doing great efforts, there are relief camps set up everywhere, the radio is sending out messages for donations over the airwaves – FM 91’s motto is – “because we care”.

In your opinion, whats going on? Is it so that while the rest of Pakistan is pitching in to help, karachiites are sittign with their eyes closed, lost in merriment and completely oblivious?! Or do we still have some semblance of humanity in us

T2f, ie, The Second Floor Cafe is famous for providing a space for exhibitions that provoke discourse. Some months back there was an exhibition by a political cartoonist. Muhammad Zahoor, one of Pakistan’s leading cartoonists, thrives on contentious social and political issues  and much discussion and dialogue was passed on his caricatures. Some of the works that made me smile :






*Images courtesy Jamal Ashiqain*

Being a part of Sindh, Karachi has inherited rich cultural heritage – and Karachiites have taken it a step further by incorporating it into contemporary living and reviving culture that was fading with the fast-moving times.

Koel Gallery recently held a Sindhi Ajrak exhibition,by Noorjehan Bilgrami. She aimed at reviving the dying art by reverting to the tools by which it originally took root.

Noorjehan Bilgrami designed natural-dyed Ajraks for Aik Hunar Aik Nagar (AHAN), which were exhibited at the KOEL Gallery in mid-march. The objective that inspired this project was to position Ajrak as the ‘Premium Textile of Pakistan,’ both locally and internationally, and to teach and reintroduce the traditional use of environmentally friendly natural dyes through workshops. Sindh ji Ajrak”- a seal of authentication, certifies the use of ‘natural dyes’ and the process of making ‘Teli Ajrak.’

She used natural dyes to not only produce the typical Ajrak we are accustomed to seeing in red, but added value by producing Ajrak on silk. The other colours she produced were also quite alluring and a classy addition to the Rilli of our times.



Part of our unique ethnic culture is Truck art. We’re renowned in the world for the most colourful busses, the most creative and loud embellishment.

However the other day my photography teachers pointed out something I’d never before noticed – the fact that there is great symmetry in all truck art. So the other day I was parked at the signal going to work, and I saw a bus next to me. One of the windows had a flame painted on it, and because the other half was open, the image at the back was an exact reflection – how’s that for a mirror image.



As we all know, the Shanaakht Festival was vandalised by the PPP goons, and the leaders of our country condoned the violence and threats. Here are some shots of the incredible work in the Sohni Dharti exhibit before it got vandalised.














Karachiites have a very distinct way of life. We live by the sea. Literally.


Hot spot , ice cream heaven for all karachiites, has always been famous for its massive collection of posters and animations with funny quips.

Upon visiting recently, I discovered they are now exhibiting huge paintings for sale at very decent prices. One set that particularly took my fancy were these.. 🙂 they’re worth checking out!!!!