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The shanaakth festival will soon be delighting the hearts and minds of all us karachi wallas from Nov 9th to Nov 11th 2009. 3 days of exhibitions, plays, oral history projects, booths by orgs like T2F and photography from legends such as Amean Jan. Be there or be square people!!!

Full schedule is available here


A.D.P is having a gig! Woo hoo! It’s been a long time since funkytown came around, and The Aunty Disco Project are coming to rock Rangoon Wala Auditorium this Sundayy! Time to get dowwwwn and Bo0ogy! 🙂 Oba has made some super awesome promo’s that are positively hilarious, and I personally think the marketing for the gig is brilliant! The official website is given below:

Get Your Aunty On! Sunday 16th August 2009

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You’ve GOT to check these out! 🙂 Enjoy, and see you at the gig!

The Promos on Facebook:

TeaBreak Birthday Partaayyy !

Posted: June 13, 2009 by Sana Saleem in Festivals & Events

Around an year ago Pakistan’s first Chai khana started with serving us 10 blogs. Today in over a year they have grown out to serve us with 1000 Blogs ,clicking all around the Blogosphere. Tonight we celebrate their 1st Birthday party on the Blogosphere. So turn on your geek mood and tune in to our live party !

Teabreak First Birthday Party - Blogger Meetup

For me theater is the form of art that personifies basic and commonplace emotions–, love of woman , love of country, love of right, anger, jealousy, revenge, ambition, lust, and treachery. Its either the portrayal of the  society at present or the cultural myths of the past. In any form theatre if done honestly has the tendency to educate audiences in the most effective way. My recent meeting with Sania Saeed at the CIO web studio made this philosophical  rambling more realistic  I was thrilled upon hearing the opportunity to meet her in person and of course  grabbed it with no second thoughts.

It was my first time at the web studio meeting Rabia Garib and Jehan ara madam ,who made it a point to make us all feel very comfortable. With Sania’s humbleness it took us no time to start with all the rant.  Besides  sharing incidents about fans running into her in super markets ,we also introduced her to the wonders of blogging and the twitter world *chuckles*.  She blew us away with her insight on theatre and acting as a whole. Speaking for myself I have always been a fan of Sania but to actually witness her passion for work has made me respect  her even more. As Sania admits romanticizing her work ,for audiences such as me it made watching her play all the very necessary. Its more appealing to know the amount of honesty and passion that goes out in an artists work. So I know as I plan to watch ‘Main adakara Banogy’ ,that I am in for a treat.  The play has been adapted from ‘Educating Rita’ by Willy Rusal and is written by Baber Jamal. A comedy that promises to be socially relevant, exactly what we  need in today’s time.  The ticket is priced at Rs. 700 and is available at Agha’s and Raintree Spa at the forum .

Photo Credit: Jamash

Photo Credit: Jamash

Besides humorous theatre one also gets to contribute to a noble cause, the proceeds will go to charitable programs of the Rotary Club of Karachi. We were also joined by Shahzad  representing Karachi Rotary (yes  I am mentioning everyone in chronological order of appearance at the CIO office *ehhe*). The Rotary Club of Karachi is doing an amazing by providing artificial limbs to the handicapped. The project was initially started off at the time of the Kashmir quake ‘05 and has been going steady till date. This is exceptionally commendable in today’s time where quantity of relief compromises ‘strategy’.  We certainly require a strategic approach towards helping people rather than overdrive of resources. All this together leaves no excuse for us to miss out the amazing event at the Karachi Arts Council from the 6th-9th June 8.30 pm. Lets stop ranting and reading and get ourselves  a seat at ‘Main Adakara Banungy’ so grab your ticket now and be a part of  the exceptional performances and most of all a noble cause. Now I shall end my rant and have you all watch our Fungama at the CIO webstudio here *don’t forget to comment*

PS: Special thanks to Rabia Garib and madam Jehan Ara for inviting us over. Sania Saeed for letting us fascinate her with the wonders of blogging and giving us a sneak peek into a life of a celebrity *a well deserved one*. Shahzad for a detailed insight on Rotary’s past and future Charity plans.

PPS: I refuse to thank Fariha Akhtar , (as shamesless as I might be considered  as she was the one who got me at the web studio) because of her  extreme selfishness due to which I had to munch on  ’Vanilla’ Icecream where it very well could have been chocolate *drooling*. No candy for you my friend. And Jamash the paparazzi bhaye for taking  ugly pictures and the blackmailing for a ‘chocolate cheese cake’ sigh!

Women Reclaim Public Sphere Seminar

Posted: May 18, 2009 by Sana Saleem in Festivals & Events

A praise worthy event was organized at the Karachi Press Club on the 8th of  May’09. A seminar on Women to Reclaim Public Space by Women Alliance Front. An organization focusing on restoring women rights and striving for one constitution and one set of laws for all of Pakistan. The key points to be endorsed were:

  1. The writ of the government must prevail on the basis of moral authority premised on protection, health, education, livelihood and security of all persons equally
  2. One constitution and one set of laws for all of Pakistan
  3. Urgent de-weaponisation of society
  4. No special accords that compromise the rights of any group of citizens of Pakistan

The event was held in an open tent blazing banners painted with freedom of expression. The heat seemed to be the issue in the beginning with all the whining about being melt down to bit’s sinking the background of ‘Hum dekhain gay’ the brilliant words of Faiz Sahab brought to life by Saira bano. I was pleased to see some men accompanying their wives while someone managed to add up a quirky comment ‘ We should worship these men no?’ . With muffled laughs the attention diverted as Mrs Nuzhat Kidvai took the stage. I must state that she is one hell of a soft spoken woman ,her opening and intros to the upcoming speakers lightened the rather tensed air.Here I would like to appreciate Kidvai Sahab who was there ,despite his recent cataract operation,eagerly participating in the event. We need more men like him *more power to you sir*

First to come was Nazish who talked about conventionalizing Feminism. Nazish summed up her address by pointing out the root of the menace. Helping us identify the roles of countries like Saudi Arabia and America during the influx of Afghan refugees in Zia’s time. Managing to make us think how horrors from the past come back to haunt us. Talibanaization being the fruits of our self created menace. The flogging incident was also discussed with focus heavily on incidents that have happened in the past. The address was summed up with an eye opener that the society indeed is in the favor of freedom for women. The outrage at the flogging video being the staunch evidence.

Next to come was Warda -A university student representing the youth and its problems. She spoke about the environment at educational institutes which are quite contrary to the common belief of the youth. The constant ‘harassment’ being faced by college/university students and the frequent sabotage of freedom of speech/expression /dressing. She also highlighted an incident which I believe is very common and yet not even counted as harassment’ . When while strolling down a bazaar or the university’s lobby a man would manage to quickly whisper ‘astaghfiruALLAH’ leaving you with mixed emotion of anger and disgust .

With that Farhat took the stage talking about her recent survey regarding the displaced people and the problems being faced by them. Farhat spoke about the frequent influx of refugees from the affected areas. She highlighted in particular Kohat which is also feared to have Taliban insurgency. Due to lack of time she couldn’t detail us on the survey. Although I believe her survey could be quite fruitful specially in the back dropped of the current situations in Swat.

Sheema Kirmani

Now was the time to be blown away and let the heat wave hit us from the phenomenal Sheema Kirmani. Her performance brought life and soul to the event. It cant be described in words. An art that spoke many languages identifying the woman behind all the ‘traditional name tags and roles’. A character who isn’t only a mother, daughter ,wife or sister but a woman. An identity beyond the traditional boundaries. Womanhood that cant be caged , a entity that sprouts liveliness and freedom of expression. Her powerful performance focused on the refusal of a woman to be deprived an identity of her own. An expression that kept us all mesmerized by the power of art and its diversity.

Arundhati roy stunned the adience by her mere presence. Her address can be seen here: Courtesy to Sabeen of the Peace niche:

Part 2

The event was covered live by Pro-Pakistan with special Thanks to Faisal Kapadia and Jamal Ashiquin for Rting the Coverage.


*Images courtesy Jamal Ashiqain*

Being a part of Sindh, Karachi has inherited rich cultural heritage – and Karachiites have taken it a step further by incorporating it into contemporary living and reviving culture that was fading with the fast-moving times.

Koel Gallery recently held a Sindhi Ajrak exhibition,by Noorjehan Bilgrami. She aimed at reviving the dying art by reverting to the tools by which it originally took root.

Noorjehan Bilgrami designed natural-dyed Ajraks for Aik Hunar Aik Nagar (AHAN), which were exhibited at the KOEL Gallery in mid-march. The objective that inspired this project was to position Ajrak as the ‘Premium Textile of Pakistan,’ both locally and internationally, and to teach and reintroduce the traditional use of environmentally friendly natural dyes through workshops. Sindh ji Ajrak”- a seal of authentication, certifies the use of ‘natural dyes’ and the process of making ‘Teli Ajrak.’

She used natural dyes to not only produce the typical Ajrak we are accustomed to seeing in red, but added value by producing Ajrak on silk. The other colours she produced were also quite alluring and a classy addition to the Rilli of our times.




As we all know, the Shanaakht Festival was vandalised by the PPP goons, and the leaders of our country condoned the violence and threats. Here are some shots of the incredible work in the Sohni Dharti exhibit before it got vandalised.















T2f and the inimitable Tina Sani invite you to an evening of eastern music, in support of PeaceNiche and T2F. This event is part of T2F’s Renaissance Fundraiser Series! Don’t miss it!

  • Date and Time: Friday, 17th April 2009 | 9:00 pm
  • Venue: Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture
  • Info: 0300-823-0276 |
  • Tickets: Rs. 1,000 per person
  • Available at Agha’s Supermarket, Nando’s (Clifton), Espresso (Kh-e-Shahbaz), Indus Valley School & Naheed Store

The Canvas gallery opened its doors in a new location in Clifton to the art enthusiasts of this city today. Its former part owner and now sole proprietor Sameera Raja who some credit with bringing into full bloom the fledgling art scene in Karachi has always had an astute business sense and this was on show as she displayed nearly 83 works of art in an exhibition by 63 artists called “Going Places”

The new building has a display space of three levels and four areas to use for exhibitions and is a mecca for people interested in the local art scene as well as the trade of art.

Although the prices were a bit on the steep side, the execution of the exhibition was quite flawless with not an inch of space wasted in the gallery, even the wooden beams were bought to use as displays.

The artworks included works of artists like Rashid Rana, Salima Hashmi, Akram Dost Baloch, Ali Kazim, Tasaduq Sohail, Riffat Alvi, Roohi Ahmed, Duriya Kazi, Wahab Jaffer, Mohammad Ali Talpur, Amin Gulgee, R. M. Naeem, Ali Azmat, Shakil Saigol and Shakil Siddiqui among a host of other artists.

Its of no small sense of amazement to this scribe that even in these times people can create such asthetic delights from their minds eye, but then we are speaking of Karachiites here!!!