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“This is my country. I love my country.”

For the longest time a faraway land pled for a pink Summer. The auspicious occasion brought on a false promise of hope and commitment. The foreign vision listed a huge asset as a byline for countries and wonders of the World. Be it Niagara Falls, cryptic road messages, colorful Graffiti and old bridge towns, the fortitude just needed five reasons to crisp the waves and smooth oceans. A Nomad falls in a different constituency. His life is a gold stroke. With private conversations and life of a spherical band, the perfect glide is an art. Going to Bali is a commitment. (Subtle reference to engagements aka Baat Pakki in Pakistan that are a vocal deal until the NikkahBali over here refers to a ring that ponders on commitment.) It has ups and downs which releases yet picks up quickly.


Bibi Asma

The point of location is a vivid indicator of immersion; to respect with a bit of love, honey and intention. A vegetable will still give life if you let it grow. The bass of a hold is hollow; yet fulfilling it is a necessity. The blow torch is a sparkle of life that can be planted out in clamors of sparkle and politesse. Getting in the shell is fast, coming out is a process. It’s built with bricks of determination and bronzed out destinations.

“A book should not cost more than a pack of cigarettes” ~Mr. Allen Lane, founder of Penguin Books.

A wise sycophant will portray themselves as weak. A liberated spirit will walk, run, cycle or even take a bus. They introduce an idea that develops and learns. Millions of people in developing countries have their sense of trust, instinct and belief. If you want to belong to a culture, taste their Onions. They will seclude you from any harm. Indulge with baked tomatoes and add meat and/or vegetable with salt according to taste. My sense of aroma would light up in the northern areas. They grasp a strong hold from behind. A sense of peace that only comes from Home. A six hour bed rest makes up for that. Wrong. A home is not just walls and a rooftop. It’s inside you.

‘It’s not the place, it’s a sense of belonging to pour out all your inhibitions and bring you back with bent knees filled with gratitude.” – Kinza T. S. Monga

A nomad is power and curbs your own. Belonging is not my cup of tea. It’s coffee.

Pakistan — Built in the 1940s, I’m from the third generation of hookahs, boiled eggs and cremated cigarettes butts. This form of socialization will get me to meet an Egyptian student, a Turkish navy officer, a Canadian drummer and my heritage of Jalandhar and Amritsar. From the province of Punjab that is famous for “chul” aka Party, Punjabi blood is raw and vivid. Loud, proud and the coleslaw crowd. Habit of listening is an art and I’m learning every day. Distinction is key yet average is also a number. Perfection is sweet yet overbearing. Molten with strong ‘juggad’, acceptance and tolerance is a protective gear.

Follow the rule or follow the door; one must maintain flexibility and demand. Supply will be limited if it lacks give and take. An open mind is a virtue and wisdom is not a privilege. The hold of control must be let go to allow a trust fall. To be instigated, an idea is cult until broken into tiny shards of glass. Exploring and still learning, from mine to yours.

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There was a time in the 1930-1960 era of this city when there were no transport issues. The city had a central artery road or the now M.A Jinnah road called Drig road at that time. On this road used to ply the trams of Karachi, ensuring that the populace had easy access to the city center from different localities close to the tram line.

Then came the modern era of this city and with the explosion of immigrants and the local populace the trams soon became a hurdle rather than a convenience. So the city administration opted for first public transport in the form of a circular railway and then later on when things really mushroomed private transport and the now existent transport minibus mafia took over.

A recent example of the dubious nature of these mini bus cartels was when they allegedly indulged in the burning of 3-4 CDGK CNG buses and bus stops were attacked as well.

Today has brought great news though as The ECNC has finally decided to revive the Karachi circular railway at the cost of Rs 128.5 billion. Although this is easier said then done but at least the first step or the planning stage has been initiated to provide cost effective transport for this cities residents.

Any megalopolis the size of Karachi would have a huge subway system or at least a LFT over head rail system, we must provide for such facilities if we are to see Karachi go to the next stage. Although the last few decades have brought neglect to this city and its infrastructure, work has been done on it in the recent years under CDGK and the results are before us all.

I personally would love to use a service like the circular railway rather than drive my car at snails pace to get to the downtown area everyday where it takes about 50 mins to cross a distance of 7-8 kms.

So here is me hoping for a train ride to work soon 😀