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Many Indian movies are vulgar in this day and age. In fact I think the Indians have suddenly discovered their exhibitionist side and their public cannot get enough. However the vulgarity is totally wasted/pointless  in most flicks except for this one. The dirty picture follows the story of a young woman who is average looking and an average actor, she just has one thing that can get her into a movie and that is between her thighs. If you think this review is vulgar. dont even bother watching this movie because it shows you all the crass, disgusting and true to life antics that go on behind the making of so many of our “hit movies” of the day.  It  fully covers both the casting couch and the continuous recasting done to make sure the heroine doesn’t get cut from the reel.

Vidya balan has played her part to perfection of the girl next door turned sex bomb. Naseerudin shah is both sleazy and glamorous at the same time as the 80’s leading man, but Imran hashmi is hardly there so his fans will be a shade disappointing. Tushar kapoor is well…completely ignorable.

The sound track is also quite good, the song “ooh lala”  is reminiscent of a kishore ditty but my personal favorite is “ishq sufiyana”

If you want an in your face, tell all, raunchy and funny flick go for this with lines like ” tum mujhe aise dekhte ho jaise marinated chicken ko tandoor dekhta hay” it will tickle many of your senses.

6/10 stars would have been 7 if the ending was not typical.

Indian movies are usually bad copies of good films, with a little slapstick over the top raunchy humor and some good old singing around the trees bits thrown in and off course the melodrama. Rock star though is a dish with a very different taste. Ranbir Kapoor plays the struggling wanna be rock icon to perfection, specially with the vacant hurt look when is needed.  The musical influences at khwaja sahabs dargah and the qawali bit just goes to strengthen the spiritual development of this character.  The heroine of this flick Nargis fakhri is not upto par as far as acting skills are concerned (few people would be in this instance with ranbir) but as far as comic delivery and the looks are concerned she bowls over every siren in the book today.

The movie takes you through different phases of a icons life and the terrible and bitter truths behind the faces we all idolize and the struggles they go through behind the scenes.

So if you want to watch something intense, dark and fun at the same time go for Rockstar you will not be disappointed!

Karachiite ranking 8 out of 10 stars

With the increased interest in theater going activity in Pakistan’s most urban and developed city, and the huge response to the cineplex @ sea view the CDGK has now entered in agreement with Cineplex to establish multiplex theater complexes at both Kashmir Road and Safari Park.

This will be a public private partnership and the CDGK will provide the cineplex company with CDGK land at Kashmir road sports complex and safari park to build these theaters. In return the Cineplex group will invest USD 10 million in this venture for the construction of these theaters.

This is great news for all of us as now we wont have to go to the other end of the city to experience premium movie watching. This will also perhaps lead to the promotion of more quality entertainment services for the city so that the youth can have a good time in a good environment without the need of the now requisite drugs and booze.

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Hot spot , ice cream heaven for all karachiites, has always been famous for its massive collection of posters and animations with funny quips.

Upon visiting recently, I discovered they are now exhibiting huge paintings for sale at very decent prices. One set that particularly took my fancy were these.. 🙂 they’re worth checking out!!!!