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When I want to escape from the madness of the city, I usually head to the sea. But recently I discovered an even better release to all my stress. I did something I’ve never done before. A friend called, and told me he’d started up a small spa called Raintree in his shop, Ego, and he needed volunteers to have their feet massaged and give feedback. I was a bit hesitant – I’d never had anyone do that sort of thing for me, and it made me think how I might feel placing my feet in someone’s hands. I mean, they were my FEET! I walked on them all day and they were likely to get dirty – how would someone feel if I gave them my feet, even if they were washed?

Nevertheless, to keep my friends’ heart, I thought I’d go and give it a try. I mean, the worst would be that I’d never do it again, right? My philosophy for most things in life is – atleast try it once!

So I walked in rather tentatively, and sat in a big comfortable lazy boy recliner. I remember thinking, well this feels very nice! My friend brought over his partner, and she took very good care of me…I got a beverage and an  Ipod to listen to while  I got my massage- I chose a yellow nano.

A woman seated herself infront of me, and asked me to place my foot in her lap – I gingerly extended my foot. A lot of people might think this strange since a lot of people get their servants or hired help to press their feet, backs, heads, and so on …but its something we just don’t do! Anyhow so I gave her my foot…and she started applying some cream..

Now you might think – what’s so great about applying cream , right? By God, it was one of the most sensuous experiences I have ever had – it felt amazing. Her hands glided over my feet. She then started to massage them, applying pressure at all the points of my feet that hurt the most. It felt so nice, I couldn’t help but close my eyes and enjoy it. This went on for a blissful 40 minutes. She used this special stick designed to practice reflexology on the pressure points of the foot where the most strain tends to collect.

Ever since – I’ve been hooked. I go whenever I feel the urge to get away. The cool thing is, every now and then they have this amazing deal called HAPPY HOUR, which goes on from 12-3 PM. The timing is awesome cause I can use my lunch hour any day of the week.  And no matter what I get done, I can get something else of equal value free 🙂 like I can just pay for my OPI manicure, and get my OPI pedicure free! :P: How’s that for a girlie treat… until 10th of May anyway.

So if you feel the urge to try some new form of relaxation, give this a whirl. It’s unisex, so there’s no reason not to! 🙂 Don’t miss out on one amazing experience!  The number is 021-7712145.