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Finally!! Someone has come up with a readers club for the book lovers of Karachi. This readers club has book discussions every week and you can join their mailing list here

Description as per their website :

The Readers Club is a voluntary, informal organization committed to the promotion of reading culture in Karachi.

The Readers Club meets every Friday from 6.00 PM to 7.30 PM at the Shah Jehan Auditorium in the SMF Center. Please click here for more details on how to contact us.

The Readers Club has been meeting since January 2001. The Readers Club does not meet on gazetted holidays and in the month of Ramadan.

We try to keep things as informal and open as possible. You do not need to confirm in advance. There is no fee or requirement of any other sort to attend.

We are a book club of sorts, but our format is a little unorthodox. While most of the Readers Club consists of voracious readers, we realize that it is unfair to expect them to read the same book in preparation for a meeting every week. Instead we adopt a different approach.

The format of the meetings is quite simple.  The facilitator speaks first and presents the book followed by a general discussion among the attendees. The format of the presentation varies with the speaker. Although the discussion is moderated, it gets pretty lively. Everyone is free to express their opinions, and we welcome them. Attendees are free to participate in the discussion or only listen if they wish.

We like to encourage people to present books. After all, the Readers Club is a cooperative effort. If you would ever like to present a book, please do let us know.

Please do not ask us to include/exclude any books/topics. We do not endorse nor censor any ideas/topics/books. Facilitators are free to choose the books they want to present. If you would like a book/topic to be discussed, we would like you to present a book yourself. We are proud of the fact that we try to provide an equal opportunity to everyone to express their views.