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Will the electricity woes of our city continue un abated or will the city government with their pressure on the federal big wigs be able to come up with some sort of solution?

Karachi has been referred to as the city of lights in the past, with shops and eateries open till atleast 2 am here, but 17th June proved to be a power outage disaster of the decade here as the entire city was plunged into darkness for more than 24 hours. The outage was so severe that hospitals as well as civil services were left in helpless condition as power went out for more than a day.

Recently KESC has run full page ads in local newspapers as well as had briefings with NEPRA on what happened that day. Their explanation says that the supply lines to the city were knocked out by a storm in the Jamshero area, but even then, even if we take that dark day in our stride we still have problems.

In most areas of the city load shedding is going on unchecked, around 6-8 hrs daily. Cruelly enough most of the posh ares are unaffected as there is no load shedding there so the elite and the upper class are not suffering at all while the masses have nowhere to go.

The KESC must remember that this is the same city where the movement which restored the CJP began, the populace wil not sit idle if they are made to suffer for much longer and may take matters into their own hands.

Its nice to see full page ads explaining what happened that day, as this is a new trend to own up. However what the karachiites need is a long lasting and solid solution. Perhaps the government should look into wind farms on a public basis then allocating licenses to IPPS to run them. A string of wind driven power production units along the gwadar coastal highway may be able to serve the cities future power needs as furnace oil keeps getting higher and higher.

The KESC can also start cracking down on their distribution losses, after all it is privatized now and a private enterprise must plug all pilferage holes instead of shifting the burden to consumers.

Our bills are supposed to rise yet again in July, the power must go up with them or else…this city will rise.