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Yayyy, the prediction says Karachi will have a thunderstorm this weekend! Yippeee.

GEt your chai and pakoras ready people. Now is the true acid test – to see if the drains in Karachi work or not! 😛

Saturday Funnies!

Posted: May 16, 2009 by batster in day to day, humour
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Whenever the lights go, the pcs in office go off – the UPS recently burnt out – thus we are dependent on the UPS system. It takes a while for the internet to come back when all the pcs restart.

So I phoned the IT guy , and said in a sing song voice… “Internet nahin aa raha ” – ( the internets not coming). And hes like, Aap ko to mein pehchaangaya! (I instantly recognized you) .

I asked him, How?! and he’s like, “Aap English mein urdu bolti hain!!!” (You speak Urdu in english) 😛