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… Go sit outside and enjoy the summer breeze 🙂 It’s balm for the soul.


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The Elbow Room has always been famous for its great ambience and fine dining, but duuuuuuuuuude – yesterday I was blown away.

The waiter told  me to try the shitake mushroom steak – I was skeptical, and he began to get a little pushy which is irritating – but the idea of eating something new and exotic was too good to pass up.

SO the steak came, looked like the one in the picture – I initially thought it was a bit small, but dude – I didn’t realise how thick it was. It was a proper MANS steak! Crusty on the outside, beautifully juicy inside, cooked to perfection.

The mushrooms and cream sauce were great, complimented the meat without making it too heavy. The roasted vegetables were well done, and the turrine of potatoes was something Atkins didn’t allow me to touch.

The steak was..amazing. I’m craving it even today. Really, its a MUST try!! Head over to Chundrigar NOW


How many people reading this post love Falsa? Raise your hands!! say ayeee!!!

LOL> I thought as much. I think it’s a penchant that 99% of karachiites not only love falsa, but wait for the season eagerly. Just the thought of those juicy purplish red berries, sour and sweet and masala covered, melting on the tongue , sets ones mouth watering almost instantly.

Karachi has some pretty cool falsa concoctions to offer. There is your normal falsa fruit, then you can have it in the juice form, or even falsa KULFI for that cool summer treat.

I find that they’re amazing when you wash them well ( and wash you must, theyre filthy), and put them in the fridge for a few hours. Pull it out, sprinkle with the masala and eat after 5 minutes and havingmixed it well… drool. My falsas are calling me…