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There was a time in the 1930-1960 era of this city when there were no transport issues. The city had a central artery road or the now M.A Jinnah road called Drig road at that time. On this road used to ply the trams of Karachi, ensuring that the populace had easy access to the city center from different localities close to the tram line.

Then came the modern era of this city and with the explosion of immigrants and the local populace the trams soon became a hurdle rather than a convenience. So the city administration opted for first public transport in the form of a circular railway and then later on when things really mushroomed private transport and the now existent transport minibus mafia took over.

A recent example of the dubious nature of these mini bus cartels was when they allegedly indulged in the burning of 3-4 CDGK CNG buses and bus stops were attacked as well.

Today has brought great news though as The ECNC has finally decided to revive the Karachi circular railway at the cost of Rs 128.5 billion. Although this is easier said then done but at least the first step or the planning stage has been initiated to provide cost effective transport for this cities residents.

Any megalopolis the size of Karachi would have a huge subway system or at least a LFT over head rail system, we must provide for such facilities if we are to see Karachi go to the next stage. Although the last few decades have brought neglect to this city and its infrastructure, work has been done on it in the recent years under CDGK and the results are before us all.

I personally would love to use a service like the circular railway rather than drive my car at snails pace to get to the downtown area everyday where it takes about 50 mins to cross a distance of 7-8 kms.

So here is me hoping for a train ride to work soon 😀