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Summers in full swing in Karachi and after the month of may which was full of power outages and bad news here, it does not look so bad at the moment as mangoes and electricity have arrived to delight all of us.

IMG00049-20090607-1745Yes my fellow designates of hells own kitchen kolachi, we have both the favored fruit and the suddenly reliable KESC to delight us in this month of June and that’s not all!! We have some really pretty surprise guests as well, no no I do not mean damsels returning from foreign shores for vacations, these are birds of another variety “pigeons” and they have flocked in their mystical beauty to the cities roundabouts, chowks and galis with abandon, cooing and fluttering on their way.

IMG00050-20090607-1745I suddenly noticed this when my year old son started screaming and tugging @ my sleeve whilst I was driving him around, as he saw like a 100 of these pigeons at the junction of jail road.

Suffice to say we got to the nearest general store bought some feed and gave the glorious birds a mouthful as we got to be up close to these lovely and mysterious creatures.

So the next time you feel a little down in this wonderful city, go pay a visit to our guests, now to be found at numerous locations and sit and watch nature in its true and full beauty.