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Keh Dena… A Tribute to Albela Rahi

Posted: October 31, 2011 by Rai M Azlan in youtube
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Many years ago, a lean young man came to Karachi from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) with hopes of better future in the music industry. He started his struggle with gigs at a cafe located on Tariq road, Karachi. Later on, this young man appeared on TV with his guitar, his only companion in this city, on Sohail Rana’s music show for children kids show. Who knew that in future this young man will become the pioneer of pop music in Pakistan, his Albela Rahi was the official beginning of pop music in Pakistan. We know this Albela Rahi as Alamgir, One of the most electrifying performers Pakistan ever produced.
After giving many hits to Pakistan music industry he moved to USA where he still takes part in concerts even after his serious health issues, he is suffering from polycystic kidney disease. He is fighting and have immense passion to live and music even when both of his kidneys are failed and he is living on dialysis every week.
A few days back a video teaser appeared and became talk of social media town and when the full version was revealed, it became viral. I am talking about OST of Mangoes the series by SB Productions. A sound track sung by Kristie Yung, a Canadian singer singing in Urdu made it viral and the presence of Alamgir with his ever-fresh voice became reason for this video to become a hit. This is a re developed version of Alamgir’s Keh Dena, in case you have not heard the real version enjoy it in the youtube content below.

I must say that Kristie Yung version is very well made and she along with the whole team has successfully paid tribute to legendary Alamgir. More on that using tabla in music created an interesting flavor of this version. In case you missed it take a listen.

Now some serious talk Alamgir needs to undergo an operation and this energetic performer is fighting hard and raising money for his treatment by himself with concerts. He is an artist and he must be appreciated in the best way here using this platform I request to please spread the word so that more and more people can contribute in his fund so that he can live healthy life again. in a recent interview he said “I’m trying to raise funds for my treatment and if God wills the people of Pakistan will respond as they always have, with love,”. The Kristie Young’s version is available at iTunes and the proceedings from the purchase of this song will go to Alamgir’s Health Fund.