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Coke Studio is all over the place – advertisements, billboards, exclusive airing time on different channels, ring tones, the radio, you name it – its there. Season 2 was much anticipated, and so far two episodes are out – the first titled Individuality, and the second titled Harmony.


Coke Studio has been creating some fabulous work – Season Two has been dealing with more contemporary artists, and a full fledged house band, accompanied by different guest artists to contribute their special feel to different tracks. Some of my favourite tracks so far this season have been Aik Alif and Khamaj is episode one, and Aaj Latha Neeyo , Daastan – e – Ishq, and Janey do in episode 2.

Episode 3 should air this sunday, ie the 12th, at 7 pm. The cool thing about this season is that it ends on 14th August, ie, Independence day. On the plus side, the work being done, though heavy on the sufi side, is being done with songs that are popular, contemporary, and well loved, thus bringing an automatic appreciation in most cases for the mystic feel.

**This year, Coke Studio looks to reignite Pakistani passion and pride by chronicling a journey through a series of episodes, each of which is based specifically, on distinct philosophies showcasing a multi faceted Pakistani identity: Individuality, Harmony, Equality, Spirit and Unity.**


The show has faced some serious criticism this time round for two reasons – the first being that the music from these contemporary artists doesnt live up to the hype created by their being included in this years line up. I personally feel the original version of  Paimona Bitte is much better – im not a fan of the Coke Studio version, to say the least. The mixes aren’t as amazing as last year.

Secondly the lack of a live audience has attracted many hisses and boo’s, but as I was given to understand earlier, having a live audience causes major recording issues, such as the murmers of voices, cellphone calls, doors opening and closing, etc.

However, all in all, for a follow up season, Coke Studio’s not doing badly at all – they’re making music history loud and proud, and will probably go down, even if as a show steeped in branding, as one that helped enrich contemporary music with the sounds of folk lore and a tinge of spiritualism.

Since the News Instep is ASP and doesn’t link to previous articles, posting this dose of hilarity as a note.

A Facebook history of Pakistani pop music

Instep Today presents how Pakistani music would have looked like from 1990-2000 had Facebook, the
groundbreaking social networking website, been around!

Maheen Sabeeh and Saba Imtiaz

It is the age of the Internet. Facebook, a social networking website, remains one of its biggest phenomenons. We are clued into the lives of each other and nowadays even celebrities through this one addictive website.

Terms like news feed (which tells us who is doing what, events, etc) have become part of the digital language. Uploading videos and writing personal notes (and tagging others) is a favourite past time. One of the biggest attraction are the status updates or as the new terminology goes: ‘whats on your mind’.

Sometimes funny, at times lame and sometimes utterly bizzare, this medium of connecting with friends, family and celebrities is the advent of the new world order. Whether online protests, fan groups and even bash groups, one has become addicted to the virtual world, which connects people all across the world.

The local music industry, much like its Western counterpart is also a part of this virtual world. One can trace upcoming concerts, find new music videos and singles and even interact with some of the stars. Dedicated fans form groups and discuss pros and cons of artists and even pitch them against each other.

In this Instep spoof, we take a comical look at what it would’ve been like had Facebook been around back in the ’90s…

Rohail Hyatt was appointed Admin in the group Vital Signs

Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia are now friends. They met at the Government Commerce College while wasting time in class!

Junaid Jamshed, Shahi Hasan, Salman Ahmed and Shoaib Mansoor joined the group Vital Signs

Salman Ahmed left the group Vital Signs

Salman Ahmed and Nusrat Hussain joined the group “I Used to Play Guitar for Vital Signs”

Salman Ahmed just had the craziest dream ever! Making a band called Junoon!

Salman Ahmed wrote on Nusrat Hussain’s Wall:

“I feel your pain, brother. Want to make a band together? CALL ME!”

Salman Ahmed wrote on Shehryar Ahmed’s Wall:

“Making a band. Leave your high-paying corporate job at Wall Street and join me here! CALL ME!”

Bilal Maqsood is at the beach shooting my first video!!!!

Faisal Kapadia lost his sunglasses at the beach. Who thought of making ‘videos’ anyway!?

Salman Ahmed and Nusrat Hussain joined the group Junoon

Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia left the group Strings

Faisal Kapadia wrote on Bilal Maqsood’s Wall:

“Really sad, man. We should meet up in ten years and think about the good old times! Who knows, we might make music again..ha right!”

Rohail Hyatt is working on the new Vital Signs album!!!!

20,000 people left the group “Protesting Against Gorey Rung Ka Zamana… Proud to be Dark-Skinned”

30,000 people are fans of ‘Sanwali Saloni’

Rohail Hyatt and Nadeem F. Paracha are now friends.

Haroon Rasheed, Ali Azmat and Salman Ahmed joined the group “Our English Vocals are better than YOURS!”

Ali Haider is on top of the world after ‘Qaraar’

Rizwan-ul-Haq left the group Vital Signs

Rizwan-ul-Haq was appointed “Guitarist #3” in the group “I Used to Play Guitar for Vital Signs”

Ali Azmat and Assad Ahmed became fans of Hair Styling Products

Shoaib Mansoor is stuck somewhere in Punjab with the Vital Signs boys. HELP! Need to edit Guitar 93!!

Ali Haider is working on a new album

Ali Haider: I am the new pop wonder boy. I have ‘Purani Jeans’

50,000 people join the group “We love Purani Jeans” and discuss the pros and cons of having “Purani Jeans” in their closet

Ali Azmat, Ali Tim and Assad Ahmed joined the group “I’ll Grow My Hair Long Because I’m a ROCKSTAR”

Ali Azmat wrote on Assad Ahmed’s Wall:

“You’re not a rockstar. You sing in caves about diyas!!”

Hadiqa Kiyani left her job as VJ

Aamir Zaki joined the group Vital Signs

Najam Shiraz loves being a pop star!

Hadiqa Kiyani was appointed ‘Pakistan’s only pop diva’ in the group “Music Channel Charts”

Brian O’ Connell joined the Pakistan network

Aamir Zaki joined the group Vital Signs

Haroon Rasheed has lost his jadoo ka chiragh. Heading to the Lahore Fort to look for it.

Aamir Zaki left the group Vital Signs

Aamir Zaki was appointed “Guitarist #4” in the group “I Used to Play Guitar for Vital Signs”

Assad Ahmed joined the group “Vital Signs”

Vital Signs posted a new news item. “Releasing our fourth album Hum Tum!”

Junaid Jamshed joins the group “JJ gone solo”

Hadiqa Kiyani joins the group “I am elusive for no good reason”

Salman Ahmed created the “Sufi Rock” group and appoints himself Admin

Ali Azmat and Brian O Conell joined the group “Sufi Rock”

Ali Azmat wrote on Brian’s Wall:

“What on earth is Sufi Rock, dude”

Brian O Connell wrote on Ali’s Wall:

“What do I know, I’m just the bass player bro… HAHAHAH”

Junoon posted a news item: “Banned for our long hair and “political songs””

Ali Azmat and Salman Ahmed joined the group “Our hair is SUPER LONG”

Awaz posted a new news item: “Celebrating the success of our biggest hit to date, ‘Mr Fruadiya’ by breaking up”

Hadiqa Kiyani joins the group The Matrix

Hadiqa: “I can be Trinity from The Matrix. Watch out Catherine Ann Moss, here I came”

Music Channel Charts posted a new news item: Hadiqa’s ‘Dupatta’ video confuses the entire nation

Haroon joined the group Haroon

Faakhir joined the group Faakhir

Assad Ahmed joined the groups Haroon and Faakhir and became a fan

Junaid Jamshed: Released second album, Us Rah Par

Junoon posted a new news item: Azadi turns us into Pakistan’s biggest rock band

Ali Azmat wrote on Junaid Jamshed’s wall:

“Cheater, cheater. I get Vaneeza Ahmed to feature in ‘Sayonee’ video so you get Rubab for ‘Us Rah Par’… cheater!”

Junaid Jamshed wrote on Ali Azmat’s wall:

“Don’t worry, God is great”

Salman Ahmed: “I am the King”

Junoon posted a new news item: Giving Bullah Shah another glance on Parvaaz

Salman Ahmed posted on his group “Sufi Rock”

“I am Bono and I will bring world peace”

Years into the new millennium, Salman is still going strong in becoming the next Bono by bringing world peace, tolerance, unity, blah blah blah.

Disclaimer: Inspired by’s ‘100 days of Barack Obama’s Facebook news feed’ and The Atlantic’s ‘Facebook Group: World Leaders’


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