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It all starts when you begin reading the news. I began today in much the same manner. Headlines, bulletins which try to attract attention with statements that make you wonder what the bother is all about! The one article that caught my interest (after Gaddafi’s death of course) was Hilary Clinton visiting Islamabad, Pakistan.
Well, I firmly believe (wow, looks like I’m giving the IBA interview again) that this time Clinton wants Pakistan to take a decision, that is, if they will support the war initiated by US against militants.
I wonder if this visit will even make a difference since the Haqqani network from Afghanistan will be hard to break down. Pakistan is being forced to crack down this network which is believed to be the reason behind the recent attack on the US base in Afghanistan and the 19-hour siege on the US embassy which is situated in Afghanistan.

Pakistan has been refusing to start anything against Afghanistan. People have been crossing borders, entering into Pakistan and bombing its people, which needs to stop. First it was only Karachi but now other major cities of Pakistan are also facing the cruel terror campaign.

Pakistan has been accused by US officials of playing double game that is having link with the Haqqani network and claiming that they have no clue whatsoever. Clinton has taken a bold step when the relationship between US and Pakistan was on a new low, she has looked at the brighter side, she has looked at peace between the two countries.

Some people have not welcomed with her open arms, but I’m merely hoping that this time around everything returns to normal. Visions do come true. What I would like to see is harmony among the Pak-Afghan-US situation. This issue should be resolved quickly and be pain-free, of course. Here is hope for a better world which should be peaceful, educated AND innovative.