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“This is my country. I love my country.”

For the longest time a faraway land pled for a pink Summer. The auspicious occasion brought on a false promise of hope and commitment. The foreign vision listed a huge asset as a byline for countries and wonders of the World. Be it Niagara Falls, cryptic road messages, colorful Graffiti and old bridge towns, the fortitude just needed five reasons to crisp the waves and smooth oceans. A Nomad falls in a different constituency. His life is a gold stroke. With private conversations and life of a spherical band, the perfect glide is an art. Going to Bali is a commitment. (Subtle reference to engagements aka Baat Pakki in Pakistan that are a vocal deal until the NikkahBali over here refers to a ring that ponders on commitment.) It has ups and downs which releases yet picks up quickly.


Bibi Asma

The point of location is a vivid indicator of immersion; to respect with a bit of love, honey and intention. A vegetable will still give life if you let it grow. The bass of a hold is hollow; yet fulfilling it is a necessity. The blow torch is a sparkle of life that can be planted out in clamors of sparkle and politesse. Getting in the shell is fast, coming out is a process. It’s built with bricks of determination and bronzed out destinations.

“A book should not cost more than a pack of cigarettes” ~Mr. Allen Lane, founder of Penguin Books.

A wise sycophant will portray themselves as weak. A liberated spirit will walk, run, cycle or even take a bus. They introduce an idea that develops and learns. Millions of people in developing countries have their sense of trust, instinct and belief. If you want to belong to a culture, taste their Onions. They will seclude you from any harm. Indulge with baked tomatoes and add meat and/or vegetable with salt according to taste. My sense of aroma would light up in the northern areas. They grasp a strong hold from behind. A sense of peace that only comes from Home. A six hour bed rest makes up for that. Wrong. A home is not just walls and a rooftop. It’s inside you.

‘It’s not the place, it’s a sense of belonging to pour out all your inhibitions and bring you back with bent knees filled with gratitude.” – Kinza T. S. Monga

A nomad is power and curbs your own. Belonging is not my cup of tea. It’s coffee.

Pakistan — Built in the 1940s, I’m from the third generation of hookahs, boiled eggs and cremated cigarettes butts. This form of socialization will get me to meet an Egyptian student, a Turkish navy officer, a Canadian drummer and my heritage of Jalandhar and Amritsar. From the province of Punjab that is famous for “chul” aka Party, Punjabi blood is raw and vivid. Loud, proud and the coleslaw crowd. Habit of listening is an art and I’m learning every day. Distinction is key yet average is also a number. Perfection is sweet yet overbearing. Molten with strong ‘juggad’, acceptance and tolerance is a protective gear.

Follow the rule or follow the door; one must maintain flexibility and demand. Supply will be limited if it lacks give and take. An open mind is a virtue and wisdom is not a privilege. The hold of control must be let go to allow a trust fall. To be instigated, an idea is cult until broken into tiny shards of glass. Exploring and still learning, from mine to yours.

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A.D.P is having a gig! Woo hoo! It’s been a long time since funkytown came around, and The Aunty Disco Project are coming to rock Rangoon Wala Auditorium this Sundayy! Time to get dowwwwn and Bo0ogy! 🙂 Oba has made some super awesome promo’s that are positively hilarious, and I personally think the marketing for the gig is brilliant! The official website is given below:

Get Your Aunty On! Sunday 16th August 2009

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You’ve GOT to check these out! 🙂 Enjoy, and see you at the gig!

The Promos on Facebook:

Coke Studio is all over the place – advertisements, billboards, exclusive airing time on different channels, ring tones, the radio, you name it – its there. Season 2 was much anticipated, and so far two episodes are out – the first titled Individuality, and the second titled Harmony.


Coke Studio has been creating some fabulous work – Season Two has been dealing with more contemporary artists, and a full fledged house band, accompanied by different guest artists to contribute their special feel to different tracks. Some of my favourite tracks so far this season have been Aik Alif and Khamaj is episode one, and Aaj Latha Neeyo , Daastan – e – Ishq, and Janey do in episode 2.

Episode 3 should air this sunday, ie the 12th, at 7 pm. The cool thing about this season is that it ends on 14th August, ie, Independence day. On the plus side, the work being done, though heavy on the sufi side, is being done with songs that are popular, contemporary, and well loved, thus bringing an automatic appreciation in most cases for the mystic feel.

**This year, Coke Studio looks to reignite Pakistani passion and pride by chronicling a journey through a series of episodes, each of which is based specifically, on distinct philosophies showcasing a multi faceted Pakistani identity: Individuality, Harmony, Equality, Spirit and Unity.**


The show has faced some serious criticism this time round for two reasons – the first being that the music from these contemporary artists doesnt live up to the hype created by their being included in this years line up. I personally feel the original version of  Paimona Bitte is much better – im not a fan of the Coke Studio version, to say the least. The mixes aren’t as amazing as last year.

Secondly the lack of a live audience has attracted many hisses and boo’s, but as I was given to understand earlier, having a live audience causes major recording issues, such as the murmers of voices, cellphone calls, doors opening and closing, etc.

However, all in all, for a follow up season, Coke Studio’s not doing badly at all – they’re making music history loud and proud, and will probably go down, even if as a show steeped in branding, as one that helped enrich contemporary music with the sounds of folk lore and a tinge of spiritualism.


Every where you look these days, the SWAT issue is floating about us. In the form of sms’s, facebook statuses, blog posts, twitters and tweets and retweets and hashbacks and all that sort of thing. The average message reads like this :

We are campaigning for sawat people. You can drop stuff or money at the camps on PAF base or delton or at my home we are packaging the goods at home putting camp on sat and sun

Items to be sponsored

Donation # 1 ( Shelter ):

1) Tent

please donate money of Rs. 10,000 ie. per tent cost accommodating family of 10 to 12 members

2) Sheets 2 piece
3) spread ( to be placed of the tent floor

Donation # 2 ( Food ):

1) Atta ( 5 kilo Packet)
2) Rice ( 5 kilo Packet)
3) Dal ( 5 kilo Packet)
4) Ghee ( 5 kilo Packet )
5) Nido powder milk ( 1 kilo packet )

please make a box of these item and donate marking Food donation

Donation # 3 ( House hold items):

1) Plastic Fan ( table fan size)
2) Plastic tub
3) Plastic bucket
4) Plastic mug
5) Plastic lota

Please make a box and mark it house hold item

Donation # 4 ( Medicine)

please make a donation of Rs. 5000 for the necessary medicine items

One on hand, people complain that karachiites aren’t doing anything – on the other hand , I am flooded by messages from NGOs and private small group initiatives collecting donations to help the people who’ve vacated their homes!! Mission Rescue Pakistan is doing great efforts, there are relief camps set up everywhere, the radio is sending out messages for donations over the airwaves – FM 91’s motto is – “because we care”.

In your opinion, whats going on? Is it so that while the rest of Pakistan is pitching in to help, karachiites are sittign with their eyes closed, lost in merriment and completely oblivious?! Or do we still have some semblance of humanity in us

Saturday Funnies!

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Whenever the lights go, the pcs in office go off – the UPS recently burnt out – thus we are dependent on the UPS system. It takes a while for the internet to come back when all the pcs restart.

So I phoned the IT guy , and said in a sing song voice… “Internet nahin aa raha ” – ( the internets not coming). And hes like, Aap ko to mein pehchaangaya! (I instantly recognized you) .

I asked him, How?! and he’s like, “Aap English mein urdu bolti hain!!!” (You speak Urdu in english) 😛


Karachi by Night

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Karachiites have a very distinct way of life. We live by the sea. Literally.


Karachi is famous for many desi delicacies that are always … ahem…”enhanced” by the flies, and so on 🙂 Yet every desi who lives abroad craves them and often dont care if they get sick 🙂

This picture is dedicated to making desi’s abroad drool.


Hot spot , ice cream heaven for all karachiites, has always been famous for its massive collection of posters and animations with funny quips.

Upon visiting recently, I discovered they are now exhibiting huge paintings for sale at very decent prices. One set that particularly took my fancy were these.. 🙂 they’re worth checking out!!!!



Summer hasn’t yet fully descended, and already the electricity is playing havoc. Load shedding 6 – 8 hours a day. Fluctuation which makes the computer restart 5 times in less than 10 minutes. AC’s don’t work, fans over heat, its impossible to sit indoors!

I was watching TV the other day – and I heard the FUNNIEST thing. I mean, I fell on the floor laughing – a woman on a talk show said that by 2009, it has been promised that all electricity problems will be over. There will be no more load shedding, no more fluctuation, no more heat, no more burnt out appliances.

A friend in the office quips – “That’s because by 2009, there wont BE any electricity”.

lol. Agreed? I think it’s highly possible! 😛 And little children will tell eachother…”Back in my dad’s day, they used to have lights…”