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Coke Studio is all over the place – advertisements, billboards, exclusive airing time on different channels, ring tones, the radio, you name it – its there. Season 2 was much anticipated, and so far two episodes are out – the first titled Individuality, and the second titled Harmony.


Coke Studio has been creating some fabulous work – Season Two has been dealing with more contemporary artists, and a full fledged house band, accompanied by different guest artists to contribute their special feel to different tracks. Some of my favourite tracks so far this season have been Aik Alif and Khamaj is episode one, and Aaj Latha Neeyo , Daastan – e – Ishq, and Janey do in episode 2.

Episode 3 should air this sunday, ie the 12th, at 7 pm. The cool thing about this season is that it ends on 14th August, ie, Independence day. On the plus side, the work being done, though heavy on the sufi side, is being done with songs that are popular, contemporary, and well loved, thus bringing an automatic appreciation in most cases for the mystic feel.

**This year, Coke Studio looks to reignite Pakistani passion and pride by chronicling a journey through a series of episodes, each of which is based specifically, on distinct philosophies showcasing a multi faceted Pakistani identity: Individuality, Harmony, Equality, Spirit and Unity.**


The show has faced some serious criticism this time round for two reasons – the first being that the music from these contemporary artists doesnt live up to the hype created by their being included in this years line up. I personally feel the original version of  Paimona Bitte is much better – im not a fan of the Coke Studio version, to say the least. The mixes aren’t as amazing as last year.

Secondly the lack of a live audience has attracted many hisses and boo’s, but as I was given to understand earlier, having a live audience causes major recording issues, such as the murmers of voices, cellphone calls, doors opening and closing, etc.

However, all in all, for a follow up season, Coke Studio’s not doing badly at all – they’re making music history loud and proud, and will probably go down, even if as a show steeped in branding, as one that helped enrich contemporary music with the sounds of folk lore and a tinge of spiritualism.


*Images courtesy Jamal Ashiqain*

Being a part of Sindh, Karachi has inherited rich cultural heritage – and Karachiites have taken it a step further by incorporating it into contemporary living and reviving culture that was fading with the fast-moving times.

Koel Gallery recently held a Sindhi Ajrak exhibition,by Noorjehan Bilgrami. She aimed at reviving the dying art by reverting to the tools by which it originally took root.

Noorjehan Bilgrami designed natural-dyed Ajraks for Aik Hunar Aik Nagar (AHAN), which were exhibited at the KOEL Gallery in mid-march. The objective that inspired this project was to position Ajrak as the ‘Premium Textile of Pakistan,’ both locally and internationally, and to teach and reintroduce the traditional use of environmentally friendly natural dyes through workshops. Sindh ji Ajrak”- a seal of authentication, certifies the use of ‘natural dyes’ and the process of making ‘Teli Ajrak.’

She used natural dyes to not only produce the typical Ajrak we are accustomed to seeing in red, but added value by producing Ajrak on silk. The other colours she produced were also quite alluring and a classy addition to the Rilli of our times.



Karachiites have a very distinct way of life. We live by the sea. Literally.