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The art of speaking

Posted: October 25, 2011 by kinzatahir in day to day
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Ever been at a loss of words? Just don’t know what to say? Sitting in a crowd or a meeting, your name is called, people want to hear your opinion, and you are like huh? Don’t worry! You are not the only one who has faced this situation.

I have faced this many times, in fact, people even stopped asking me! It used to be such an embarrassment, then a 100 lectures later, from friends and family, I decided to speak. Speak for myself, for my betterment. What I did?  When I was in a group of people, I would listen intently for a first few minutes, grasp all the info in my mind and make sure that the topic which was going on was very clear in my head. After someone had finished their statement, I would give my opinion! Or sometimes in discussions, I cut people off in midway because I believe my ideas will make a bigger impact. I make sure that I don’t repeat an argument, that is utmost important. Or else people lose respect, you can add more to an argument, but shouldn’t repeat it again.

If you feel you want to be the one leading a conversation, then what you can do is find out the most popular topics these days, be updated on them, start it and give your perception on it. Make sure you don’t bore your listeners, don’t give the impression of ‘I-know-it-all’ but be polite as well as LISTEN to what others are saying. Maybe they have additional news regarding the ongoing topic. Listening is the tool. When you will sit in a different group of people, you have the info from before and can now share it with others.

When giving your suggestions, make sure you don’t go crazy! As in screaming and not even bother listening to what anyone has to say, that is just wrong and offensive to others. It is unprofessional behavior and manners. Some people can’t help it, their voice is just loud, they should be talking delicately. It gives a good feeling to others and even themselves.

Confidence and self-belief are most important, they need to be your top priority. Even if you feel very nervous, don’t show it on your face but keep it relaxed! That is what your competitors want, for you to break down, but don’t give them the satisfaction at all. If you are about to speak in front of public, do discuss every point with a trusted source like a normal conversation you have with friends.

Speaking and listening with inner exploration. That will be your key!