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Many Indian movies are vulgar in this day and age. In fact I think the Indians have suddenly discovered their exhibitionist side and their public cannot get enough. However the vulgarity is totally wasted/pointless  in most flicks except for this one. The dirty picture follows the story of a young woman who is average looking and an average actor, she just has one thing that can get her into a movie and that is between her thighs. If you think this review is vulgar. dont even bother watching this movie because it shows you all the crass, disgusting and true to life antics that go on behind the making of so many of our “hit movies” of the day.  It  fully covers both the casting couch and the continuous recasting done to make sure the heroine doesn’t get cut from the reel.

Vidya balan has played her part to perfection of the girl next door turned sex bomb. Naseerudin shah is both sleazy and glamorous at the same time as the 80’s leading man, but Imran hashmi is hardly there so his fans will be a shade disappointing. Tushar kapoor is well…completely ignorable.

The sound track is also quite good, the song “ooh lala”  is reminiscent of a kishore ditty but my personal favorite is “ishq sufiyana”

If you want an in your face, tell all, raunchy and funny flick go for this with lines like ” tum mujhe aise dekhte ho jaise marinated chicken ko tandoor dekhta hay” it will tickle many of your senses.

6/10 stars would have been 7 if the ending was not typical.